Patch Notes May 17, 2016

Play as Jimmy and find his brother in an imagination-filled adventure!
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Patch Notes May 17, 2016

Postby Cerubois » Wed May 18, 2016 12:14 am

Here's what we've updated in the demo for today:

-Reduced the sensitivity of keyboard controls by 33%. (It will take 33% longer to reach max speed, which gives a bit more leeway time for shorter-range jumps) We'll see how that feels over the next few weeks to see if it needs to be adjusted further.
-Fixed a bug where Jimmy was getting 'glued' to walls.
-Stairs adjustments for controller are about the same level of functionality as the keyboard.
-Switched button for 'Slide' on controller to Circle on PS4 controller. (If you're using a different controller, we're using the PS4 one as setup. We'll make changes accordingly at a later time.)
-Switched Sword aiming on controller. Now uses Left Joystick.
-Fixed a bug where Sword was only aiming up on controller.
-Introduced a maximum fall speed while gliding with the cape (before we were just lowering the gravity, which didn't help if Jimmy was already falling really fast).
-Level 5-5: Fixed a bug where teleporters weren't working with the controller.
-Main menu is more functional with both mouse and controller, but not completely (there are some issues on the list that we'll fix later).
-Added in the ability to Respawn in all levels. Forgot to fix that a long time ago.

Known bugs:

-(old but maybe still relevant)Possibly still issues with switch on Level 1-0? Can't seem to recreate the problem on our end. Let us know if it's still not working.
-Skeleton is a bit less of a bonehead.

Things we're focusing on next:

-Adding in more sound effects.
-Adding in Transition Level #1 (it's about 30% done atm).
-Tweaking stairs more.
-Options Menu functionality.

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