Patch Notes May 11, 2016

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Patch Notes May 11, 2016

Postby Cerubois » Wed May 11, 2016 9:58 pm

Here's what we've updated in the demo for today:

-Sword is working! Finally! (Hopefully!)
-Sword can now deflect Starfish Pirate's bullets. The bullets don't do anything yet, but we're thinking of making them hit enemies. 'Cause that would be cool.
-After some tweaks, stairs are working 95% of the time. That's like... 45% better than before.
-Jimmy is now bouncing properly off of enemies' heads.
-Pirates are well on their way to being proper plundering privateers.
-Level 1-0 now has GUI stuff to teach you the basic controls. (at least for keyboard+mouse...)
-Level 1-0 also now has a little cinematic event when you activate the switch.
-Level 1-4 was going to have updated lava, but we're putting that on hold until we can improve the look of the lava a little.
-Level 3-1's final room is now much better. Gusts of wind will occasionally blow upwards. Navigate through carefully! (We're thinking of keeping the gusts left and right in harder difficulties)

Known bugs:

-Possibly still issues with switch on Level 1-0? Can't seem to recreate the problem on our end. Let us know if it's still not working.
-Skeleton still being a bonehead.
-I may have forgotten to make the stairs adjustments for the controller. Whoops. I'll have that done in the next build.

Things we're focusing on next:

-Modifying Sword usage on controller - Use Left Joystick to aim sword rather than Right Joystick.
-Tweaking stairs more.
-Options Menu functionality.
-Main Menu full functionality with mouse.
-Adjusting the sensitivity of keyboard controls. Lessening it a bit should make life easier for everyone to ease into.

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